The LORD will keep your going out and your
coming in from this time forth and forevermore.
Psalm 121:8



Iglesia en Marcha Guatemala

It is a Baptistministry, mission supportand churches committed to reachingthose without Jesus Christ in its life. We are part of CHURCHSTARTSINTERNATIONAL, based in Henrrieta, Texas, for our ministryDiscipleshipis the essenceof our strategy. We havea whole program ofcontinued growth, starting with unbelievers, toleadership training. Our work is donemostly in rural areas where access is difficult as education materials. Actually Iglesia en Marcha Guatemala, is currently working on 5 key areas: Schools forChrist, Missionary Baptist International Institute, Ministry of Prisons, Support Groups and Literature Production.


House of Blessing

Address: 7th. Street 19-97, Zone 8 of Mixco, San Cristobal II, La Isla Residential
Telephone: (502) 2478-2734 / (502) 2478-2991
Email: house.blessing@yahoo.com

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